Developed and tested over 25 years,
Partnering Essentials™ is the industry standard cross sector partnering program in the Asia Pacific region.

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The Partnering Essentials™ suite of programs were developed in 2009 by internationally recognised thought leader Ian Dixon. 

The programs have been delivered to over 1600 participants across all sectors and industry areas including;

  • economic and regional development

  • primary health

  • community services

  • international development

  • education

  • indigenous affairs

  • resource development

  • environment

The programs have been continually reviewed and updated with new tools, information and techniques.

Ian Dixon

Advisor - Speaker - Mentor

As an internationally recognised thought leader in the cross-sector partnering space, Ian’s work lives at the crux of transformational change. Obsessed with tackling high-impact partnering initiatives, he’s built an inimitable reputation throughout the Asia-Pacific region as the strategic advisor, executive mentor and independent mediator of choice for many corporate, government and NFP organisations.

Since 1999, Ian’s programs have built the partnering capability of countless individuals, organisations and sectors, empowering a new breed of collaborative leader, fit for the future of work.

Ian’s uncanny ability to ‘bridge the divide’ between business, government, education and community has earned him strong ties with international organisations such as The Partnering Initiative and the Partnership Brokers Association, both based in the UK. But it’s his work at home, particularly with indigenous communities throughout Australia that defines his legacy.

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DIXON Partnering Solutions

DIXON Partnering Solutions (DPS) was established by Ian Dixon in 1999 and is based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Specialising in transformational cross sector partnering throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific Region, DPS supports organisations and individuals from all sectors to work together and partner effectively through: 

  • Brokering complex multi stakeholder projects and initiatives

  • Building partnering capability within consortia and organisations

  • Providing a suite of best practice skills development programs.

DPS developed the Partnering Essentials™ suite of programs in response to the need for greater understanding, knowledge and skills in cross sector partnering between the business, government, education and community sectors.

CQUniversity Australia

CQUniversity Australia was originally founded in Rockhampton. Located in Central Queensland, Australia, the university has grown to have over 26 campuses and delivery sites servicing more than 30,000 students, studying qualifications from certificate to post doctorate level.

CQUniversity Australia is a leader in the delivery of distance education with over 50% of students studying by this mode of delivery.

DIXON Partnering Solutions and CQUniversity Australia have collaborated to develop and offer the online delivery of the 2 Day Partnering Essentials™ modules, together with an online Certificate in Cross Sector Partnering

The Partnering Initiative

The Partnering Initiative (TPI) is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to unleashing the power of partnership for a prosperous and sustainable future. 

For over a decade, TPI has been a leading pioneer in the development of the theory and practice of partnering by:

  • Supporting organisations from all sectors to partner effectively and strategically as well as directly supporting partnerships

  • Building capacity with training, tools and publications

  • Developing the infrastructure to scale up collaboration worldwide though their global impact programmes.

TPI operates through a central hub based in the UK and delivers its services and projects through a global network of highly experienced Associates. TPI has endorsed the Partnering Essentials™ 2 Day program as a prerequisite for their Certificate In Partnering Practice.