Participants who have completed the full 2 Day Partnering Essentials™ face to face, online or blended program are eligible to undertake the following certificates


Certificate in Cross Sector Partnering (Online)

The certificate is a 20 hour online course conducted through CQ University in Australia. The certificate course comprises four separate modules and seeks to:

  • Review and consolidate the Partnering Essentials™ program

  • Explore the partnering landscape in more detail

  • Analyse the key success factors for effective cross sector partnering in more depth, and

  • Provide insight in how to overcome challenges in the partnering process


Assessment is by way of an online quiz, case study and written assessment and participants will be required to complete the Certificate within 6 months of enrolling.

The cost is $475 (inc GST)

For more information: CQ University - Certificate in Cross Sector Partnering


The Certificate in Cross Sector Partnering provided me with insight into all key aspects of the partnering process.
— Samantha Welke - Adviser, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet


Certificate in Partnering Practice (Action Research)

The Certificate in Partnering Practice is conducted by The Partnering Initiative (TPI) based in the UK and is based on action research. It is for participants who wish to extend their training through self-reflective learning.

Participants are required to submit a reflective essay (2000-2500 words) to demonstrate partnering knowledge and how they are applying the learnings from the course to their own context. Participants also receive feedback and guidance from TPI to support their thinking on their partnering work.

Participants are required to submit their essay within 6 months of attending a training course or registering for the Certificate.

The cost is UK300 Pounds and the course is managed by The Partnering Initiative.

For more information: Partnering Initiative - Certificate in Partnering Practice

The Partnering Essentials™ 2 day training is a ground breaking programme delivering on exactly this need in Australia and the wider region. So impressed were we with the course, that we were pleased to approve it as a pre-qualifier for our international Certificate in Partnering Practice
— Darian Stibbe, Executive Director, The Partnering Initiative (UK)