World class partnering skills development programs for people seeking exceptional outcomes from their cross sector partnering initiatives.

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As our world becomes more complex, success is increasingly based on relationships not structures. It is essential to collaborate with individuals, communities, agencies and organisations beyond our traditional industries, supply chains or networks.

Partnering Essentials™ is a comprehensive suite of cross sector partnering programs that embeds decades of expertise and experience in an accessible and affordable skills development program.

Partnering Essentials™ is designed to deliver proven, practical skills that will equip you to partner effectively across all layers of community, education, government and business.




We learnt so much from the 2-day program and it has fundamentally changed the way we engage with our partners
— Tim Larkins, Divisional Manager, Indigenous Land Corporation
The Partnering Essentials™ program has provided OZ Minerals with the tools to achieve long lasting partnerships in a modern mining environment
— Geoff Deans, Group Manager Social Performance, OZ Minerals

Our Process

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Our Partnering by Design™ methodology applies proven processes to enable the co-design of innovative solutions to complex issues.

The result is focussed, directed and productive partnerships which eliminate delays and cost over-runs, reduces risk and delivers value for all involved. Developed in the field of cross sector partnering during the past 25 years, our Partnering by Design™ methodology guides participants and partners through a robust and road-tested process that enables effective and efficient partnering.


Our Programs

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The Partnering Essentials™ suite of programs are available in multiple formats to suit your specific learning requirements.

Half, one or two day facilitated programs, are available publicly or delivered directly to your organisation or partnering initiative, through our network of accredited trainers. Take it online with our eCourse or use a blended learning approach, merging online modules with face 2 face delivery.

Completion of the 2 Day Partnering Essentials™ program enables you to undertake either an online Certificate in Cross Sector Partnering through CQ University or Certificate in Partnering Practice through The Partnering Initiative, UK.


Face to Face

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Empowering participants with an in-depth understanding of key cross-sector partnering concepts and equipping them with skills for immediate practical use. 

In person programs are conducted as public programs or for clients in-house and can be tailored to your organisation or industry

Online Modules

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Embedding participants with a solid introduction to cross-sector partnering. 

These modules can be taken individually or in combinations depending on your needs and can be done on demand.

Blended Learning


Merging online modules and face 2 face sessions to maximise your knowledge and skill development and enhance flexibility.

Ideal for in house programs where participants can learn the fundamentals online and participate in group facilitated sessions.


Ready to partner?

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