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 These courses are hosted by CQUniversity Australia and can be taken individually or in combinations depending on your needs. 

Partnering Essentials™ short courses

  • Course One - Why Partner?

    • Explore why Cross Sector Partnering is being adopted across the world to solve complex issues and challenges through new ways of working. Learn how organisations from Business, Government, Education and Community are coming together to achieve greater impact than they can by themselves. 

  • Course Two - What is Partnering?

    • Explore what we mean by Cross Sector Partnering. Learn about the different types of partnering relationships that organisations can enter into, the value add that can be derived and how to develop a common language around Cross Sector Partnering.

  • Course Three - How to Partner

    • Explore how to make Cross Sector Partnering work. Learn about different models and frameworks that help organisations work together and how you can navigate through a partnering  process. Learn about the foundational principles that need to be in place to ensure successful partnering that delivers results.

  • Course Four - The Creating Stage

    • Delve into the early stages of the partnering process and explore what you need to do to ensure you have a solid foundation in place. Review the overall partnering framework explained in Course Three and dig deeper into the specific activities and most importantly the key questions you need to ask in this early Creating Stage.

  • Course Five - Partnering Agreements

    • Learn what partnering agreements are, what should be in them and how you can develop effective agreements with other partners (including some useful tips). Review a number of actual agreements to see how different approaches have been used while still meeting the needs of the partners

  • Course Six - The Developing Stage

    • Explore how to get your partnership working effectively and delivering results. Learn in more detail how to operationalise your partnership and the activities you need to pay attention to at this stage of the partnering process. Learn how to set up governance and communication processes for this stage.

  • Course Seven - Negotiating in Partnering

    • Learn how to resolve issues and differences between partners that could impact on progress and the outcomes you are seeking. Find out more on the different negotiating styles that partners bring to the table and about a highly successful method of negotiating called Interest Based Negotiation or IBN. Discover the difference that intentional questioning can make to negotiations and build your communication skill-set by seeing some negotiation in practice. 

  • Course Eight - The Sustaining Stage

    • Explore the Sustaining Stage of Cross Sector Partnering in greater detail along with the necessary tools and checklists to ensure that your partnering delivers and results in the impacts you are seeking. You will also gain an understanding of the importance of review and evaluation in the partnering process and how to respond to key challenges.

  • Course Nine - Review and Evaluation (coming soon)

  • Course Ten - Partnering for Results (coming soon)


Duration and Cost:

Each individual short course is 2 hours and cost is A$90 (inc GST)

 Bulk purchases are available and can be requested here.


Detailed worksheets, video presentations & an assessment inside each module.


Download or Stream anytime from your laptop or smartphone.

Introduction to Cross Sector Partnering course

This course combines the three short courses - Why Partner? What is Partnering? and How to Partner - and it provides a strong foundation for potential partner organisations before they come together and start exploratory discussions.

Ideal as an induction program within organisations involved in partnering, for embedding partnering principles with contractors and for those people in remote locations who are unable to attend face to face programs. 

Duration and Cost:

Introduction to Cross Sector Partnering course is 6 hours and cost is A$215 (inc GST)

 Bulk purchases are available and can be requested here.


Detailed worksheets, video presentations & an assessment inside each module.


Download or Stream anytime from your laptop or smartphone. 


Really appreciated the content, learnt a lot and opened our eyes to new ways of working in partnership.
— Lawrence Wray - Youth Justice Policy, Department of Justice and Attorney Generals QLD


Other Programs


Face to Face

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Empowering participants with an in-depth understanding of key cross-sector partnering concepts and equipping them with skills for immediate practical use. 

In person programs are conducted as public programs or for clients in-house and can be tailored to your organisation or industry

Blended Learning


Merging online courses and face 2 face sessions to maximise your knowledge and skill development and enhance flexibility.

Ideal for in house programs where participants can learn the fundamentals online and participate in group facilitated sessions.