E-Learning: New Online Partnering Course


DIXON Partnering Solutions (DPS) in conjunction with our partner organisation CQ University have joined together to launch a new online "Introduction to Cross Sector Partnering" course. This new course is one of the first online programs for cross sector partnering in the world and is based on the highly successful Partnering Essentials™suite of programs developed and delivered by DPS over the last nine years.

The new course comprises three separate modules: Why Partner? What is Partnering?and How to Partner. Each module takes two hours to complete and can be taken individually or as the combined course. These modules serve as a foundational program for people who are about to be involved or are currently involved in cross sector partnering initiatives.

This move by DPS into further E learning courses follows the development and release of a Certificate in Cross Sector Partnering through CQ University in 2016. This online Certificate is for participants who have completed the full 2 Day Partnering Essentials™program and wish to consolidate their learning and gain a certificate as recognition of their knowledge and skills.

The release of the new online courses is part of our strategy to have the entire 2 Day Partnering Essentials™ program available online by mid 2018. This will then enable people from all sectors to access the  2 Day Program either face to face, online or through blended learning options.

You can access the online learning programs here and enrolment is simple and payment is by PayPal.

Course Costs:

  • Why Partner? - $130 (inc GST)
  • What is Partnering? - $130 (inc GST)
  • How to Partner - $130 (inc GST)
  • Introduction to Cross Sector Partnering - $330 ( inc GST) (includes all three modules)

To Enrol:

  • Go to the Centre for Professional Development at CQ University at http://cpheonline.cqu.edu.au
  • Access the Business Courses and select the module or course you wish to enrol in from the Partnering Essentials™ suite of programs
  • Log in at the bottom of the page and follow the enrolment instructions and by making payment through PayPal.


Should have any queries about these new online courses you can contact:

CQ University

E: d.brigg@cqu.edu.au
P: +61 07 4930 9703


DIXON Partnering Solutions

E: info@iandixon.com.au
P: +61 8 7087 2197

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