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This short course on Partnering Agreements explores what partnering agreements are, what should be in them and how you can develop effective agreements with other partners. It includes plenty of tips and techniques for developing partnering agreements and reviews a number of actual agreements.

The course is available on the CQUniversity Australia online platform and takes 2 hours to complete. It can be taken individually, in combination with others short courses or as a supplement to a face to face workshop.

Key learning outcomes include:

  • The use of Partnering Agreements to clarify understanding, ensure partner needs are met, create common language and confirm buy-in

  • The distinction between a Partnering Agreement and a contract and the value of the former for equitable relationships that are about sharing benefits, risks and decision-making.  

  • The content that could be included in agreements such as the who, what and how of roles, processes and outcomes. 

  • The process for developing agreements with partners – usually in the Creating Stage of partnering once partners have reached some agreement on key elements of the partnership. 

  • The approach of three real-life case-study partnering agreements – their strengths and how they supported different types of initiatives. 

Some final tips on Partnering Agreements including creating clarity about expectations, avoiding power imbalances and allowing for innovation and flexibility. 

On successful completion of this short course you will be awarded 2 CPD hours from CQUniversity Australia.

The Partnering Essentials™ online courses are designed for people at all levels within organisations who: 

  • Are directly involved in working with other organisations or sectors

  • Are a partner in a Cross Sector Partneringinitiative

  • May be about to consider such a Cross Sector Partnering approach. 

  • Are involved in a Collective Impact, Shared Value or Impact Investing initiative 

  • Wish to gain a greater understanding of Cross Sector Partnering– what it is, why we need it and how to make it work 

Each short course in this series will take approximately 2 hours to complete and will include a short quiz to test participants on key concepts explored in the module.

The focus of each short course is on a specific topic related to Cross Sector Partnering.

The cost of each short course is $90 (inc GST) and further information on all our online courses is available here 

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