Partnering Training in 2019

With massive interest in cross sector partnering globally there is an increasing number of training programs available both here in Australia and around the world. Here we look at some of the offerings available from DPS and our Affiliate organisations in 2019.

DIXON Partnering Solutions (DPS)

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At DPS we will continue to offer our highly successful Partnering Essentials™ suite of short course partnering skills programs in a variety of formats, namely face to face, online and hybrid – combining both online and face to face elements.

Two programs for ‘Partnering Essentials™: How to Partner and Get Results’ will take place in Adelaide on:

·     15 & 16 May 2019, and 

·     13 & 14 August 2019

These programs will be facilitated by Jane Russo from Enabling Solutions and you can find out more information and register for either of these programs here

In addition we have our suite of online partnering modules and an online Certificate in Cross Sector Partnering available through our partner CQUniversity Australia. Further details can be found here

The Partnering Initiative (TPI)                    

TPI is based in the UK and is an independent non-profit dedicated to unleashing the power of partnership for a prosperous and sustainable future. A major focus for their work is to assist organisations to partner around the Sustainable Development Goals.

TPI have scheduled a 3 day Training course on ‘Building Effective Partnerships for Sustainable Development’ in collaboration with Business Fights Poverty and the program is scheduled to be held in Oxford from the 3 – 5 April, 2019 and in New York at a date to be advised.

Further details are available here

TPI also offer a Certificate in Partnering Practice which is focussed on action research. Further details are available here

The Partnership Brokers Association (PBA)             

PBA is the international professional body for those managing and developing collaboration processes. They run a large number of trainings globally across all sectors. The Partnership Brokers Training program is a 4 day intensive program focussed on building the knowledge and skills of partnership brokers. The courses are delivered through a network of highly skilled and accredited trainers globally. 

The training course schedule for 2019 is available here

The above provides a brief summary of upcoming training programs in 2019, however if you would like to know more about what is available or what may be the most appropriate training for you or your organisation then contact us for more information.

All the above organisations also offer in house and tailored programs to suit your specific needs.

We will also be developing some new offerings this year so stay tuned for future developments. 


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